Flow Pack Machines and Equipment for Flexible Packaging

HFFS, <p>Horizontal Form Fill Seal</p>, RECORD, Flow Pack Machines and Equipment for Flexible Packaging


Horizontal Form Fill Seal

Automatic Feeders, , RECORD, Flow Pack Machines and Equipment for Flexible Packaging

Automatic Feeders

Packaging Systems, <p>Complete Packaging Equipments and Automatic Lines</p>, RECORD, Flow Pack Machines and Equipment for Flexible Packaging

Packaging Systems

Complete Packaging Equipments and Automatic Lines

Flow Pack Machines and Equipment for Flexible Packaging


Record Spa meets all the requirements of flexible packaging in all food and non food industries and its name is a reference point for the world market.


Record is the ideal partner with Packaging Machines for, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Bakery, Biscuits, Bread and Pasta, Confectionery and Snacks, Produce, Coffee Capsules, Fish,  Dairy, Meat, Pizza and Tortillas, Body Care,  Ice Cream and Frozen Food, Pet Food, Non Food, Pharma and Chemical, Customized Solution.


Record Spa produces a complete range of Packaging Machines:  Horizontal Flow pack Machines, Automatic Feeders and automatic Packaging Systems to meet any need of flexible packaging for food and non-food applications.

Record Packaging Machines can produce different types of packages, providing a wide range of cutting-edge solutions that fits to every need and application.

Our wrapping machines can also use the modified atmosphere technology to extend the product shelf life.


Record Flow Pack Packaging Machines can pack in multipack or single products .


Have a look at our videos on YouTube and see how our Packaging Machines perform.

Our Packaging Machines

A Packaging Solution for all Industries

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RECORD will be closed from the 24th december 2018 to the 4th january 2019 included

The Panda red will target the enquiries for medium level of automation, in applications with limited complexity or areas where today we are not competitive with the price of the existing Panda.

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